House Cleaning

We specialize in custom cleaning, tailored to each customer’s specific needs. We are not a revolving door business of part-time cleaners that have no vested interest in doing the best possible job. EXPERTS PRO SERVICE can say with confidence that you will be putting your trust in the right place, we value our customers' faith in us. EXPERTS PRO SERVICE guarantees the highest level of service with total respect for your privacy. Our housekeeper will keep your business or home clean. Let us do the cleaning - you have better things to do!.

When we say, "Relax...we'll take care of the cleaning," we mean it. Experience the joy and satisfaction of stepping into an expertly cleaned space. We offer competitive rates for our domestic maid services. Savor the peace of mind, knowing that your property not only looks squeaky clean on the surface, but has been cleaned by professional maids who take pride in their work. A truly clean environment means healthier and happier inhabitants.

Standard package includes:

House Cleaning

  • Cobweb removal ceiling to floor
  • All Baseboards Dusted
  • All Windowsills Dusted
  • Low Level Light Fixture Dusted
  • Floor Vacuumed and/or Mopped
  • Lightswitches Disinfected & Polished
  • Doorknobs Disinfected & Polished
  • Wall Art/Décor Dusted
  • Tables/Furniture Dusted
  • Television Dusted
  • Trash Emptied & Removed
  • Mirrors polished
  • Bed linens replenished

DEEP CLEANING (Includes all the above and):

  • inside of the fridge washed
  • inside of the oven washed
  • doors and frames washed
  • baseboards washed


  • Cabinetry exterior cleaned
  • Countertops disinfected & polished
  • Refrigerator exhaust vent vacuumed
  • Range exterior cleaned
  • Range hood degreased
  • Microwave interior & exterior cleaned
  • Countertop appliance exteriors polished


  • Sinks disinfected and polished
  • Countertops cleaned
  • Shower & tub cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned & disinfected
  • Floors disinfected & mopped
  • Door handle disinfected & polished
  • Bathroom linens replenished

Requested services (circle):

  • laundry ($25 per load folded)
  • bed linen change ($5.00 per bed)
  • dish washing (light dish washing included,
    large loads are charged extra)
  • inside of the fridge $20.00 single, $25 double door
  • inside of oven $15.00+